Brainerd Prop: Sales, Repair and Skeg Services…and More!

Propeller Sales

We sell almost all brands of props from Quicksilver, Mercury, Volvo Penta, BRP/OMC, Yamaha, Powertech, Solas, Acme, OJ, Michigan Wheel and many others.

We stock over 200 brand new propellers and also have around 100 used props on hand.

Prop Repair

At Brainerd Propeller we repair all types of propellers.

We can fix damages aluminum, stainless steel, NiBrAl, bronze, we can repair up to 24″ diameter props.

  • All props are brought back to OEM specs from using pitch blocks to assure that the pitch on all blades are the same.
  • They get TIG welded up to original diameter then ground.
  • All props are then balanced. Aluminum props get painted.
  • Stainless steel NiBrAl and bronze get a satin finish or high polished finish.

Skeg Repair

  • We repair skegs for all types of motors from outboards to I/O’s.
  • From minor nicks and scratches to putting on a whole new skeg, we can do it all.
  • We use only the highest quality materials when repairing skegs.
  • From precasted aluminum skeg blanks to using DuPont automotive paint to get that factory match look.

Hub Replacement

We can replace spun out rubber hubs. We use a 10 ton hydraulic press to replace bad hubs.

Prop Shaft Straightening

Got a bent prop shaft? We can fix that in most cases. We can fix them two ways. One is to remove prop shaft from the lower unit and we can straighten it out using a hydraulic press.

Another way we do most prop shaft straightening is by using a special hydraulic attachment that goes onto a fully assembled lower unit. No need to take it apart!

We can get prop shafts with in most cases +/-.002″” which is better than OEM specs sometimes.

General Welding

We can repair all types of materials from steel, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, titanum, magnesium, chrome moly.

We can repair:

  • boat lifts
  • docks
  • snowmobile & ATV parts
  • pontoons welding & pressure testing
  • paddle boats
  • aluminum hot water tanks
  • trailers and many other.


We can polish metals to a high gloss, high luster finish. We can do it by using a buffing wheel to we also have a vibratory polishing machine that will take up to an 18″” object.

We done everything from props to stainless & aluminum trim, axe heads and many other objects.

Trailer Repair

We can repair and also build new trailers. From axle replacement to rewiring to new brakes we can help you get your trailer back working for you.


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